My Voice in Totes Burgers & Grandma in a Talent Show!

2013-05-12 07:43:29 by MichaelJ

The trailer for Totes Burgers has been released!

In Totes Burgers, I voice the main character, Evan. I am also the sound designer and main composer.

Totes burgers will be premiering at the New York City International Film Festival, June 13 - 20. So cool!

Synopsis: Evan is your average teenager with average teenage problems, like being called into work on Saturday Nights at Totes Burgers. Recently, Evan has noticed a change in the boss's behavior, making him totally suspicious of what's going on in the kitchen. Why does he keep it locked? Is Totes Burgers hiding something from its employees -- or, more importantly, its customers?


Check out my performance as and old lady named Eunice in my school's talent show!


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2013-05-12 08:50:03


MichaelJ responds:



2013-05-12 09:40:15

Nice man


2013-05-12 15:44:26

Ah, so it was your voice in Mr Trotter's film, ey? I must commend you, you did a mighty good job (I saw the film at the graduation screening). Trotter is a fine young man with a firm handshake, and Totes Burgers is an excellent film.


2013-05-13 12:29:02

lmao, you are such a sweet old lad, i love u grandman