Voice Acting!

2014-07-25 02:06:12 by MichaelJ

Hey Newgrounds!

I recently moved to LA from across the country, and I'm super excited to call myself a full-time voice actor. It's the only job I've ever had, and I abesolutely love it. I have been here for a couple months and I am off to a great start. Exciting news coming soon!

I just finished my new character demo reel. Check it out:


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2014-07-25 06:28:53

The voice reel was fun XD Was it all your writing or from elsewhere?

MichaelJ responds:

Thank you! It's all my writing. A lot of it was on-the-spot. I usually just get into the character and start talking until something funny comes out.


2014-07-25 08:23:23

hahaha these are great

MichaelJ responds:

I'm glad you liked it!


2014-07-29 18:40:38

Wow, you moved to LA huh? Good luck man. I hope to hear you in an animated series at some point.

MichaelJ responds:

Thanks, TFlow. You will, soon! ;)


2014-08-10 22:31:46

Man, that's so awesome! Good for you. I hope to move to LA when I'm done with school. How much does it cost to just go for it? Trying to gauge living expenses. :)

(Updated ) MichaelJ responds:

You should have at least $10,000. This covers moving expenses and most unexpected expenses, and gives you months of comfort with rent. Things will probably be slow for a while. My rent is $400... really cheap. I have roomates in Eagle Rock.

I've been here for 3 months and things are finally starting to pick up. I'm back up to my original savings, which is AWESOME. It really sucks to see all that money go, and I came out here without much of a plan. Luckily my talent has been enough to keep me going, but I would advise against moving out here without some kind of a plan.

I don't have to pay for car insurance or a cell phone because my parents are awesome. Other than those things, It costs me around $1,200 a month to live comfortably. I cook and eat very healthy food, do martial arts, and have a not-so-fuel-efficient car. You should send me a message if you want to chat more about it!