Entry #16

New Halloween Animation!

2014-10-26 14:44:49 by MichaelJ

Eunice's Halloween is finished! I voice the old lady and my dad voices the old man. My dad is my... husband.  


Huge thanks to Pierce Hacquard and Jeremy Buzash for the music. It sounds AMAZING.
Check out Pierce on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/pierce-hacquard

Happy Halloween.


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2014-12-27 01:08:51

why did you delete the first zombies?

MichaelJ responds:

Oh, it was buggy and the ads stopped working and froze the game. It kept getting bad reviews because of that so I took it down. If I ever fix it I'll let you know. I am working on more exciting things now.


2017-02-01 00:03:41

I'm still waiting for the 3rd zombies game. Its been years since the 2nd one was released. Any words on the 3rd game's release date?